How it works

Mandatory Requirements

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Prior to applying, you must meet our requirements opposite:

  • You are 18 years or older
  • Hold a valid UK/EU driving licence
  • Have been a UK resident for 3yrs minimum
  • £800 minimum income if living with parents
  • £1000 minimum income if living elsewhere proof of residency
  • + qualifying Income & expenditure form

Application Form


Decision processed within 1 hour

If approved, a sales executive will call to arrange a showroom visit

We will advise what documentation you will need to provide

Arrive for your appointment

Documentation checked

Specify your vehicles budget and requirements

View our suitable vehicles on site

Take one or more for a test drive

Choose your car

Sign the documentation

Obtain fully comprehensive insurance for vehicle, tax it and in many cases drive away the same day!

Alternatively, if you wish to pay cash, please phone us or call in to the dealership